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TECNIO certification and main R&D players in Catalonia

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Technology name Description Agent
3D TUBULAR PRINTER The technology allows the manufacture of bioabsorbent stents through 3D printing in 3 axes. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
3rd generation wearable biosignal monitor Biosignal monitoring wearable device integrated into an undershirt and use dry textile electrodes for a better comfort of the user and a noise-free signal. It can monitor heart rate, respiratory signals, temperature and physical activity. FUNDACIÓ EURECAT
A device for electromechanical stimulation of 2D monolayer and 3D stem cell’s cultures New device and apparatus for mechanical or simultaneous electromechanical stem cell cultures have been designed and patented by UPC and IGTP. UPC_SERVEI DE GESTIÓ DE LA INNOVACIÓ
ABSORBENT NANOFIBER FOR HEAVY METAL Heavy metal absorbent material based on polymeric nanofibers. This material has been developed more specifically for the uptake and elimination of arsenic present in water. Technology suitable for water treatment companies or mining companies. LEITAT Tecnological Center
AFOSP Alternative floating offshore substructures for offshore wind farms. UPC_SERVEI DE GESTIÓ DE LA INNOVACIÓ
ALPHA-KETOGLUTARATE A new method that allows precise quantification of plasma concentrations of alpha-ketoglutarate as new biomarker of NASH (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease). URV-Centre de Transferència de Tecnologia i Innovació de la URV
AMYLOIDTECH Low cost method, using eukaryotic cells, for screening activity of chemical compunds against neurodegenerative diseas. UB_FUNDACIÓ BOSCH I GIMPERA
AQUA.ABIB Design, manufacturing and marketing of desalination seawater plants and/or the tratement of wasetewaters with purines, using solar power. UPC_SERVEI DE GESTIÓ DE LA INNOVACIÓ
Anti-cancer & metastasis antibody Anti-metastasin is a therapeutic monoclonal antibody that inhibits the alarmin S100A4, and blocks cancer progression and metastasis dissemination. The antibody has also diagnostic and prognostic uses as an ELISA test and immunohistochemistry. LEITAT Tecnological Center
BALAMIS Development and manufacture of cost-effective airborne and ground-based radars and radiometers. UPC_SERVEI DE GESTIÓ DE LA INNOVACIÓ
BREAST2TEST Procedures for using the cell line HER2 + with dual resistance to Lapatinib and Trastuzumab breast cancer types for identifying drug candidates. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
Bioadsorbents New residual waters treatment for the removal of heavy metals as chrome (VI), cadmium, nickel or lead using natural biosorbents agribusiness. UDG_Unitat de Valorització