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TECNIO certification and main R&D players in Catalonia

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Technology name Description Agent
Y-Cr@nium 3D human skull simulation software that improves current methods andit has the aim to collect and analyze data from the cranium in order to evaluate some problems of different nature. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
Tracheal implants Design Software that allows custom manufacturing tracheal implant in a short time. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
VITAM Videoconference and telecare for monitoring people that allow a simultaneous interactive communication in real time. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
RECYCOMFORT New construction material recycled as a sound and thermal insulator. The material is a side product from waste that coming from metallurgical industry. UB_FUNDACIÓ BOSCH I GIMPERA
ICHNAEA A fully computer-based prediction system that is able to make fairly accurate predictions for Microbial Source Tracking studies. UB_FUNDACIÓ BOSCH I GIMPERA
Chagas Drug for the treatment of diseases of parasitic origin with high level of efficiency and less toxic. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
Biofeedback system for urinary incontinence treatment A "Biofeedback for pelvic floor training" fully functional and competitive has been validated by clinical staff specialized in urology and tested on voluntary giving excellent results. UPC_SERVEI DE GESTIÓ DE LA INNOVACIÓ
Bioadsorbents New residual waters treatment for the removal of heavy metals as chrome (VI), cadmium, nickel or lead using natural biosorbents agribusiness. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
Biomarker for the prognosis of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma New in vitro method for the prognosis and potential prediction of response to targeted therapies of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC). VHIR_Unitat d'Innovació
BREAST2TEST Procedures for using the cell line HER2 + with dual resistance to Lapatinib and Trastuzumab breast cancer types for identifying drug candidates. UDG_Unitat de Valorització
AFOSP Alternative floating offshore substructures for offshore wind farms. UPC_SERVEI DE GESTIÓ DE LA INNOVACIÓ
mtPlatform (mediaTG) Modular platform to help the development of software applications for multimedia content management and distribution. UPC_SERVEI DE GESTIÓ DE LA INNOVACIÓ